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We Love Our Social Workers

If you didn’t know, March is Social Work Month! That’s right! A month dedicated to all of the hard social workers do for the world. Social workers are essential to our well being as a whole. This month, we wanted to highlight our social workers and celebrate all of the hard work they do for the CtL family.

Their job is to advocate for our girls and ensure that cases are treated with the persistent diligence that it costs to see each case through. In the Philippines, social workers are the ones who do most of the legal work; compared to the US, where lawyers are also heavily involved, our social workers are the ones on top of cases.

We have some cases that have been ongoing for years. We absolutely could not do what we do without the persistence and commitment of our social workers. We are undeniably grateful for them.

Meet our social workers! You may have seen some of them here and there, but if you haven’t, these are the shining faces of the women who commit their time to justice and love. We asked Aiza, one of our social workers, why she chose Social Work as a career & how it has paid off in her life and heart. Here was her response:

“Social work, as a profession, is a life changing opportunity, not just giving hope to the vulnerable individuals but also to ourselves. It is a big opportunity to become part of the CTL family as a social worker. For me, it is a blessing to serve our clients that align with my beliefs. And as I believe within that the most important aspect for healing is through spirituality. God put me in this position to become the channel of change and a blessing to my clients and to my co-workers. I always remind myself that my clients " past will not determine their future". Indeed, as they come to the CTL family, it acts as their stepping stone to become who they are in the near future and I believe we are training the next future leaders. Every child that we are handling is like we are tending to a seed that will generate fruit in the near future. It is God's calling for me to serve in this family.” - Aiza, 27 yrs old. (She started working for CtL last year, in February 2021 and she is the first social worker of CtL Amaris Family)
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