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Ambassador Program

Our Heart for Ambassadors

We are looking for people to serve and work alongside Consider the Lily in our desire to see more girls free from the hands of abuse. Together, we will see girls transformed by hope and saturated in loving arms of the CtL family.

An Ambassador is an advocate, an amplifier, a gatherer, a supporter, a dreamer and a doer, someone that is creative and loves to think outside of the box or someone that wants to exercise their creative muscle more. A creator of space, a good steward of their time on earth, someone that stands in the gap, a partner. Someone that comes alongside CtL in a practical way. In their own hometown, amplifying the voices of our girls and communicating through advocacy "We see you and we will fight for you."

So what is a CtL Ambassador?

Qualifications/ responsibilities:

-You are at least 18 years old

-You want to be part of the CtL Team

-You can commit to Zoom meetings every 2 months for educational & informative training.

-You are willing to host fundraisers throughout the year & use your platform wherever you are to advocate for our girls

-Committed to engage on social media with CtL and organizations in the fight for freedom


-1 CtL Ambassador Kit including: a T-shirt, stickers, brochures and cards to distribute

-40% off Alam Ko Jewelry

-Training and fundraising ideas and support

-You'll get the chance to travel with the 2023 CtL Ambassadors + CtL US Team, to visit the home in Manila, Philippines!

-The top fundraiser (over $2000) will receive their trip free!


Our desire is to see as many girls as Jesus allows, living in freedom as carriers of eternal hope.

"Being an Ambassador for CtL is something that matters to me because of a seed that was planted in my heart after a traumatic event in 2017. While I only had a glimpse of what could've happened, I will never forget the fear that gripped me that only God knew how I escaped the longest 30 minutes of my life. These girls have experienced more than just a 30 minutes traumatic experience, and my passion is to bring hope, restoration, support, and be a voice to the voiceless. I'm passionate to see these young girls fulfill their destiny and purpose in God for His word says in Matthew 19:14, "Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." CtL is changing many lives and providing hope where all hope is lost, I am thankful to be able to play a part in that through prayer, financial support, and raising awareness for permanent change." -Anne Marie Prater / 2022 Ambassador

'I gave my life back to Jesus in the Philippines in 2012 on my high-school service trip, and since then this country has held a special place in my heart. I've gone back 10 times and led different teams to serve in Luzon and Visayas with various ministries, including Kids International Ministries. This is where I met Josie and learned about Consider the Lily. I am a former foster youth and a childhood sexual abuse survivor, so Josie's work immediately captured my heart. The redemption of Jesus is intricately written into the narrative of this world and so seeing this outworked in the lives of the girls and young women at CtL, as they become overcomers in the name of Jesus, is truly humbling. Thank you for your generosity in supporting the CtL's vital work in providing hope without worry of tomorrow to God's precious daughters."

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Become a ctl ambassador

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