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Our Impact

Im·​pact verb:  to have direct effect or impact on 

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7,000,000 Children in the Philippines are sexually abused each year 


In the Philippines, sexual abuse is something that is very common. A lot of the abuse goes unreported, due to this "culture of silence." Due to the high amount of cases of abuse that go undocumented, the lack of concrete information makes it hard to get a full grasp on the extent of the atrocity of violence against women and girls that grips the Philippines as a nation.


What we do know is that two of the factors that make children most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation are: poverty and lack of education. The Philippines has become the global epicenter of live stream sexual abuse, also known as Online Sexual Exploitation of Children or OSEC. 



but we have hope...



Since 2011, Consider the Lily has been a safe place to call home for over 113 girls. We currently have two separate homes that are home to over 70 girls. When it comes to our family, the word protection is pretty multifaceted and takes many different forms. We take great measures to ensure each of our girls safety, and make what she needs through her transition into our family a priority. We have 43 staff that all play an specific and integral role in the transition of girls into our care, to ensure each of their needs are met. 



Consider the Lily partners with and supports Philippine Law enforcement in the prosecution of abusers. Some of our girls' cases have remained open for years. We ensure that justice is upheld and perpetrators are held accountable for the crimes they've committed against the girls, regardless of how long the journey may be. Prosecution not only guarantees the safety of any vulnerable child within close proximity of the abuser, it also communicates to the community that acts of sexual violence and abuse committed against children will not be tolerated. 



Partners are important part of who we are. Without our team of local partners, we would not be able to do what we do. Our partners are made up of our team of social workers, counselors, and attorneys that work closely with the Philippine Government, local authorities, and organizations designed to advocate for the placement of the child when she is removed from the abuse. 

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