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Our Story

Our mission to defend exploited children began in 2011

when CtL Founder Josie Long was captivated by Jesus' heart for girls in her community

take a look at this message from our founder about who we are:

Our Mission

Consider the Lily is a Christ centered rescue home for sexually exploited and trafficked girls, prioritizing counseling and educating to heal and empower them to live productive and secure adult lives. 

Our Vision

Through trauma informed care, education, love; we help each survivor understand her divine worth, personal potential, and future independence. Our long-term approach equips our girls to be the strong leaders and problem solvers that their communities need.

USA to Philippines

Josie Long was 4 years old when her parents moved from the US to Manila, Philippines, to become missionaries. She lived in Manila with her parents and four siblings until she moved back to the United States in search of what was next for her. In 2009 Josie ended up graduating from cosmetology school, and soon after she received her cosmetology license, she decided to return home to the Philippines in search of something more...

Consider the Lily

It all began when...


Coming Home

When Josie got back to the Philippines her heart was more aware than ever before of the young girls running around and playing in the streets of their community. She decided to follow the nudge in her heart to do something and bible studies followed by shared meals were what came of that nudge...


​With some time, Josie soon discovered the horrific abuse many of the girls were experiencing. She knew she needed to take action and intervene in the abuse taking place in their lives. Josie’s heart was in search of creating a safe place where safety, education, and justice were priority and being fought for in the lives of the girls; it is in this place that the Consider The Lily family was born.

*Fun fact before Consider the Lily was called CtL the family was known as the JAZZ Home

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Our values

Consider The Lily is an organization that rescues girls from sexual abuse and exploitation. A core value of ours is teaching the girls of the hope and peace of Jesus Christ and equipping them with eternal hope that is outside of this world. Many of our girls are rescued from their family homes where abuse is happening in the place that was meant to be the safest to them; some are placed here for protective custody, while others have been rescued from being exploited and sold for sex. No matter the background that led them to our family, when they move in, healing immediately begins.

Jesus At The Center

Jesus is at the center of everything we do. We are intentional about helping our girls understand there is real hope through Jesus Christ. The girls study the life of Jesus and read through the promises of God in scripture together daily. They attend family time every night; where they all gather and pray, rejoice, read together, discuss whatever they're learning or feeling, play games, laugh, cry and everything in-between as one big family. They are involved in their local church and also attend weekly counseling sessions with in-home mental health professionals. The tragic experiences and hurt that the girls share, creates a safe environment that is understanding. In this space trust is built and there is compassion, empathy, encouragement as stories are shared and heard. This little pocket of refuge that is led and created by the Spirit is what grants the girls courage and freedom to open up to one another in confidence, it is this place where healing and freedom are cultivated.

"Freedom for one soul means freedom for generations."

-Consider the Lily Founder, Josie Long

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