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Gathering Day Recap

Our first worldwide Gathering Day was a “joyful, thankful night.” Testimony and prayer from around the world enlivened our hearts and filled us with the spirit to continue to advocate for these brave, precious girls.

Board member, Brian Hommel and CtL Director, Kim Hommel, led the discussion and offered prayer. Nick Hundley, board member, called in from the road to tell how he first met Josie and his opportunity to meet the girls on a mission trip. He shared his testimony of God’s work being accomplished through the CtL organization.

Josie Long, our founder, gave a brief history of CtL and introduced two young women who were part of the original family, which started in 2011. Hearing her talk about what has been achieved in just 10 years left us feeling encouraged about a bright future for the girls in the home, the girls who have graduated, and other girls that will join the family in the years to come.

Josie’s two girls, who have now moved up to become “junior staff,” each told their touching stories. They detailed finding their way to Jesus and their knowledge of the joy He wants for each of His children. Kim and another board member, Becky Woods, prayed for the young women, individually.

Questions surrounded day-to-day life, the high quality of education provided for each girl, and the needs in the homes. Josie was asked for areas where she could use prayer in support of the girls. She asked for prayer on two important matters; first, for courage to leave the home and transition to a normal life, and second, that the upcoming accreditation review will go well and be approved.

The overall message emphasized the rescue and redemption of these girls from their traumatic circumstance, the vital justice that is being pursued, and the importance of education to secure their freedom in life.

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