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Creating a world where she can hope without worry...

Consider the Lily is a non-profit organization based in Manila, Philippines that provides a loving home for Filipina girls who have been exploited, abused or trafficked. The space and family created in our home is designed to promote ongoing healing and restoration in the hearts and minds of each girl. 

We believe that with Jesus, each girl can experience true freedom and deep healing. Daily, we witness the restorative miracles that only He can bring. Join us in defending children and putting an end to sexual abuse, one girl at a time.

Our focus:


An emphasis on education is something that sets Consider the Lily apart. Primary and secondary school are just the beginning. Every girl has our full support as she pursues a university degree or a vocational program. Advanced education will give our girls the best chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.  It will also provide them with the ability to create a better future for themselves and for generations after them. 


In the Philippines, even bagging groceries or working in fast food restaurants requires a college degree. This is a prime example of why education is a core value; we achieve meeting these education needs in several ways including a homeschool program, public school, and also college or vocational school.


Due to the nature and trauma of what our girls have experienced, the homeschool program has been designed to work with them at their own pace. We have specifically designed it to accommodate individual learning styles, and to fill in the gaps of what may be lacking in the classroom. 





Multiple of the girls have graduated with all sorts of degrees. Right now, we have 18 working towards their bachelors and masters degrees.


We have girls attending secondary education in our individualized homeschool program, at local private schools, and online. 


The foundation of primary school is very important. Some girls are filling in learning gaps in our homeschool program while others attend private schools that ensure a strong curriculum and reasonable class size.

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Online Sexual Abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines is up 242%

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