My Walk With God: AnaMarie's Mission Journey

My walk with God.

April - September 2016

Hi! I’m Anamarie and I’m 20 years old. I have 8 sisters in my biological family and 36 sisters from my Jaz Family. I’m one of the oldest in the Jaz. I grew up in a non christian Family and I thought at first that doing good things was enough, but God put me in a place where I found the truth about everything and learned more about him in the process.

3 Months of Lectures

My first 3 months in HongKong were full of lectures God taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know. He taught me how to love people who are hard to love and to be flexible in different situations. But the biggest thing that he taught me was one of my struggles with being in a mission field: to have FAITH IN HIM. It’s easy to say we have faith, but do we really have full faith in him, even when it comes to our biggest trial? But by grace and our love for God he was there every-time we would begin to lose Faith in Him. Being in a different country and not being able to see my loved one’s was one of my struggles, but God taught me cross-cultural life and showed me how to see their needs, have a relationship with them, lift them up, and share the truth about God and who he really is. It’s hard to leave your family behind, but not following what God had told me to do would be one of my biggest regrets.


Gateway Camp (YWAM Gateway)

Month 1 of outreach was spent at Gateway Camp. I was part of the Children’s Program. We did a lot of evangelism, worship, and performances outdoors. In this Camp, God taught me how to become His speaker. I thought this program would be just a normal Camp, but God used this camp for me to step out of my comfort-zone. Not only did God teach through me, but He also taught in me. 

Kingdom Warriors

Month 2 of outreach we spilt the group into two groups, half of us stayed in HongKong while the others was in Greece. Kingdom Warrior kids is where a lot of Nepali kids gather to have a mini DTS for one week. During the end of the class, they gave a time to respond to God and I saw one kid sitting right at the corner crying. I asked why he was crying. He replied, “I don’t know,” so I told him, “You know that you can ask God and He will not ignore you.” I prayed with him - that God would give him a clear answer. I asked the little guy again if he knew the reason why he was crying and his reply made my heart cry. “Because I believe in HIM.” That was his answer. I realized that even though God closed the door for me to be in a different place, he still had a plan for me and He was calling me to be right where I was. If I wasn’t there at that time, it wouldn’t have been the same.

During our second month of Outreach we helped with the refugees in Hong Kong. It was an every-day schedule and we still needed to travel to get to the place and volunteer in the church. We helped clean and made some furniture for the ladies who worked in a bar who wanted to change their lives. We helped give out some chocolate bars, homemade cookies, got to know the ladies who work in a red light district in Hong Kong, and shared what God had planned for them.

Mainland, China

My highlight for my last month of outreach was held in Mainland China. In this ministry we did English corner, which is what we used to share the Gospel of God. It’s amazing how God opened all of our hearts to have a relationship with each other. We met a lot of college students and getting to know them was a big opportunity for me and by the grace of God we saw a lot of miraculous things that happened there. I saw a lot of students wanted to have a relationship with God and it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t imagine how incredible and amazing God’s plan was for our daily life.


I learned a lot of thing being in a mission field, such as being flexible, having a relationship in a different culture, and trust God in my daily life. Be patient, how to love people who are hard to love, ask for forgiveness and to forgive even when people hurt my feelings. How to be responsible in a lot of things. The biggest thing I’d learned was how to step out of my comfort-zone by leaving the place I loved and fully having faith in him through every trial that he gave me, just as Peter did in Matthew 14:29 when God told Peter to come and walk on the water and Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water. So while I was there, I knew that God wa calling me to go back and serve there and continue what I had started. It took me a lot of time and fasting to ask for clear clarification from God and after 5 months of waiting and being patient, finally He gave me the answer that I’ve been waiting for. It is perfectly clear that God wants me to go back to Hong Kong.