Thankful for a New Year

God has allowed me to be a missionary in the Philippines for 7 years now. I moved here in January of 2009, thinking that I would only be around for a year… However, every year since has been completely different from the others.

2009 - Six ladies were trained to be cosmetologist’ out of Cuatro Community. Today, they are independently running a salon and spa in our ministry center, providing for their families, and their children’s families! 
2010 - Nine little girls from the Cuatro Community, and myself, started a Bible study, which turned into over a hundred girls consistently studying the Word of God by the end of that year. 
2011 - God called me into motherhood, through starting a home for girls coming from abusive families. This was the year that has changed the course of my life forever! 
2012 - God taught me what the word Faith really means. As I prayed for 9 months that God would allow us to purchase the home which my girls and I live in today… On Christmas Eve 2012, my 26 girls and I received the gift of moving into our home! 
2013 - God grew our family from 26 girls, to 30+. My sister Janel lived in the home for a few months with our JAZ Family. That will probably be some of the best months of my life, having my best friend and my favorite little girls all together under the same roof! 
2014 - God allowed me to take a 4-month furlough. It was during this time that a new love formed for the girls God had given me. I came back refreshed and with a newfound desire to deeply love my Heathenry Father and do the best I could to raise these girls.
2015 - The year of Surrendering. God taught me that though He had given me these girls to take care of and love as best I could, they are ultimately His! By the end of the year, God moved nine new girls into our family but moved eight others out. Learning to let go and trust His Will over mine, was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. But, I know today, that they belong to Him and He loves them far greater then I ever could! I don't doubt His Almighty plans for their lives.

SO 2016 ! What will it bring? I have absolutely no idea! But I am so excited!

I’m especially excited for the prayer groups that are forming around the world, who have committed to praying for the JAZ Family. 
36 Girls - Ella , Anarose , Angelica , Melissa , Dian , Alyssa , ReaAnn , Annie , Regine , Jolina , Anamarie , Raquel , Shiela , Dyana , Aina , Shaira , Raylyn , JuvieLynn , Celina , Janet , Sunshine , Sanjie , Gigi , Cherry , Aira , Avie , Jamaica , Hazel , Joyce , Shan , Angel , Clarita , Arabella , Ally , Trixie and Chesca
JAZ Family Team - Rosalinda and Melanie (social workers), Owen and Yolly (counselors) , Emelda Genesis Espie and Merlie (caregivers & cooks) , Totoy Ronald Alfred John and Dodoy (drivers and men on duty) 
Leadership & Parent roles - Carina , Ella and Josie.